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No salon? No problem. Get salon nails right at home with VIBE Nails “Instant Manicure Kit”. Easy to apply, durable, & can last up to two weeks. These are NOT your average press ons. VIBE Nails are stronger & have reinforced tips to prevent bending, giving you the look & feel of salon nails for a fraction of the cost.

Description: Purple Holographic Butterfly

Shape: Long Sculpted Coffin (can be shortened & reshaped with nail filer)

Instant Manicure Kit includes:

  • 30 nails (8 holographic butterfly nails, 22 solid color, 15 sizes)
  • Professional nail glue
  • 30 adhesive tabs
  • Nail filer
  • Cuticle pusher
  • Complete instructions on how to apply & remove nails
*Note: color may vary depending on lighting*
*authorized reseller of VIBE Nails*

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