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Get the look & feel of acrylic nails without breaking the bank! VIBE Nails are strong, non-translucent, & do not bend with wear.  These press-on nails can last 2 weeks or more depending on application technique (strongest nail glue on the market!). Press-ons can also be re-used if removed carefully.

VIBE NAILS offers more nail sizes compared to other brands giving you a more natural fit.  These short trendy nails are the perfect length for everyday wear & won’t get in the way of your daily tasks.


Abstract designs have been trending super hard this year! Add a little spice to your look with this cute white swirl design. Simple yet beautiful, perfect for day or night.

VIBE NAILS Instant Manicure Kit includes:
  • 30 nails in 15 all inclusive sizes
  • Professional Nail Glue
  • 30 Adhesive Tabs
  • Nail Filer
  • Cuticle Stick
  • Complete instructions on how to apply & remove nails

Description: Abstract white swirl on opaque nude base

Finish: Glossy

Opacity: Opaque (will not show glue or tabs, very beginner friendly!)

Shape: Almond (SA)

Length: Short (13.6mm-20.8mm)

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